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Trouble Shooting - RiteTemp Thermostats None of them were in use before, so I didn't mess with them. The Brown C from the old unit was probably the supply for the clock. Then remove the jumper from Rh to Rc and connect the red wire to the Rh connector. Why are the lhts on the bottom of the Rite Temp 6080 thermostat not. See operation manual for how to calibrate your specific thermostat to match your.

Smarthome Forum - Why is my thermostat smoking. When I put the face plate on (with batteries installed) and then flipped the breaker back on, I got SMOKE! As the manual indicates two wire systems should have the jumper removed. It would seem that I did fry the circuit board in the Honeywell unit, according to a nice man at Lowe's. In the Hunter manual, it states that "If wires marked Y & C are both present, C may be a Common wire & should not be used. He exchanged it for a Hunter 44260 5-1-1. In the Hunter manual, it states that "If wires marked Y & C are both present, C may be a Common.

Hunter 44260 Wiring Manual - bestdysixne.files. When I took the old face off, the wires were connected as follows: RED to "R" & "C" (I'm assuming this is the same as having a red "jumper" on the newer model?? Before I messed it all up, I could get heat to come from my electric furnace when the temp was about 60, per the little dial on the old t-stat. Hunter 44260 Wiring Manual View and Download Hunter 44408 installation manual online. 44408 Hunter 44260 programmable thermostat owners manual 7 pages.

Free Hunter Fan Thermostat User Manuals The old t-stat was a Honeywell "Chronotherm"; looks pretty old. Products 1 - 50 of 81. Hunter Fan Thermostat 40120. Hunter Fan Electronic/Mechanical Thermostat Installation and Operation Manual. Pages 28. See Prices.

Hunter Thermostat Training Part 1 How It Works. How the I assumed that I should use the same wires as the last installer did, so my wiring went as follows: RED to "Rh" (jumpered to "Rc"), WHITE to "W", and BROWN to "G". Hunter Thermostat Training Part 2 Understanding Air-Conditioners. it also locks the system into a manual mode where the thermostat must be switched. 44100 44110 44150 44200 44250 44260 44300 44350 44360 44550 44660 44665.

Hunter 44260 Manual There were a bunch of other wires balled up in the hole in the wall; YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK, BLUE, and ORANGE. :0) Thx Old enough to have an electric clock in it? Try removing the Brown you put on the G and tape it up. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Hunter 44260. We have the following Hunter 44260 manuals available for free PDF download. You may find documents. What Does A Blinking 4 Mean On A Hunter Thermostat ยท Flashing 4

Hunter 44260 Set and Save Programmable If you have a wire marked C, do not connect it to any terminal. As some voltage reading; with a meter; maybe needed to check the low voltage control supply. Hunter 44260 Set and Save Programmable Thermostat by Hunter. .75. Set and Save 5+1+1 Programmable, Weekday, Saturday and Sunday Programmable.

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