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Detroit Diesel 6-71 Yachting Magazine By the age of 10, I knew about superchargers, but I didn’t have a clue about the two-stroke diesel that made this glorious and addictive racket. That fure does not include the engines made for Gray Marine. Detroit Diesel stocks parts for the 71 series, so dealers and independent.

Engines - Home Many years later while I walked the docks at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that familiar racket stopped me in my tracks — first in mono as the port engine of a classic sport-fishing boat fired, and then in stereo as the starboard engine fired and settled to idle. Although I never got the boat, I’m still in love with the 6-71 — at least the idea of it. BMC Workshop manual for 3.4 litre.4 cylinder diesel engine. BMC 1.5 litre. Detroit diesel. Series 149. Parts catalog. Series 92. Service manual. 1985. In-line 71.

Series 50 Engine Support Demand Detroit Every engine in the 71 series had a bore of 4.25 inches and a stroke of 5.0 inches. Stan Grayson in his book Engines Afloat ( states that GM built 9,000 6-71s in 1941 and, by 1944, had increased annual production to 62,000 units. Series 50 Engine Support- When you buy a Detroit product, you're buying billions of miles of engineering excellence. Miles. Kilometers. Detroit Diesel Parts.

List Manuals/Parts/Catalogues etc - objects In 1938, the Detroit Diesel Division of General Motors introduced the 6-71 as its premier engine. Spare Parts List For Allen Heavy Fuel Oil Engines, Parts Lists, Catalogue No 112D. Marine And Industrial Power Units, 3, 4 & 6 Cylinder Series 71 Two-Cycle Diesel. 1026594, GM-Detroit 3,4,6-71 Series Operators Guide, Manuals.

CARB Executive Letters - Clean Cam Technology Systems The numerals 6 and 71 stand for the number of cylinders in line (6V desnates a V-6, which appeared in 1957) and the displacement of one cylinder in cubic inches (actually 70.93 cubic inches). World War II made the 6-71’s reputation as a relatively lhtweht and simple machine, and it appeared in landing craft, ships (often in a cluster of four or six engines), tanks, trucks and earth-moving equipment. Or below the U. S. EPA Tier 2 marine engine emission standards fora marine category 1. 71-series Detroit Diesel engineshavectoibeequ~Lto. A component parts list for this engine rebuild kit is attached to provide a means.

Parts Johnson Towers When I was a kid, I loved to sit in the back of the bus and listen to the supercharger whine as the Detroit Diesel 6-71 spun to what seemed like impossibly hh rpm. Truck Parts, Marine Parts, Generator Parts, Off Hhway NJ, Off Hhway MD,DE. Marine Parts, Walker Airseps, ALGAE-X®, Detroit Diesel 2 Cycle Parts. Series 53, Series 71, Series 92, Series 149, cylinder kits, crankshaft main bearings.

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