Chroma-key cover for pixi manual turntable

Chroma Key WeVideo Blog I need the colorpicker also in live video for creating psychedelic fx... Red Logo before key followed by Logo with the red keyed out showing my cat pic underneath. Sorry for the quick and dirty but this is with a C910. The chroma key effect, also known as green screen, is a favorite among our users. It is widely used in popular movies and TV shows and I'm. I'm clicking like crazy with the mouse cursor to pick a color but it doesn't work. If necessary, please refer to the lens manual for detail information. Select “SAVE All Chngs.” then press SETUP key to save the current white balance.

Final Cut Pro X Use chroma keys - Apple Support On one of the clips I can click a purple color and all the black (background) is instantly gone. You can use a chroma key to replace a specific color in one clip with an image from. However, you can skip those tools and create a key using Manual mode.

Chroma Key WeVideo Blog<i>manual</i>/cf-s1np_w1np_manual.pdf
Final Cut Pro X Use chroma keys - Apple Support

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