Altec lansing acs40 manual

Free Altec Lansing Speaker System User To get it into your laptop, you'll need ONE AUX jack to jack cable and fit it into the point at the back marked "B" and then through the headphone socket on your laptop. Make sure to remember to put the system on by the push button switch on the back of the left hand speaker. Altec Lansing Speaker System 1219B. Altec Lansing Technologies 1219B/1224A Biamplified Speaker System Product Manual

Altec Lansing ACS40 & ACS250 Computer The first hole is the adaptor plug that has to be plugged into mains socket, then the 1st hole marked SPKR has to have a jack to jack cord going from that speaker to the other one. Vidéo incorporée · Just a quick overview/review of the Altec Lansing ACS40 computer speakers with the Altec Lansing ACS250 60W subwoofer. The

Altec Lansing - Official Site The last two holes marked "A" and "B" give you the option to put two jack to jack AUX sound cables in. ALTEC, ALTEC LANSING, and the Altec Lansing logo are marks of Altec Lansing/AL Infinity, LLC. Home; Products; About; History; Support; Contact; Privacy policy.

Altec Lansing Computer Speaker System User Guide ACS45 The rht hand speaker only has a cord coming out the back of it and no AUX points. Altec Lansing Computer Speaker System User Guide ACS45.1 IMPORTANT If you experience any difficulties with your computer speaker system, please us.

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