Zeiss lsm 510 user manual

Zeiss LSM 510 Confocal Microscope Operating Manual - Research Lasers / Laser lines: Blue diode (BD) - 25 m W / 405Argon (Ar) - 30 m W / 458, 472, 488, 514 Helium/Neon I (He Ne I) - 1 m W / 543Helium/Neon II (He Ne II) - 5 m W / 633 Objectives: M: magnification NA: numerical aperture IM: immersion medium WD: working distance Links LSM 5 Image Browser (Fill in the form and submit. ZEISS LSM 510. CONFOCAL MICROSCOPE. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Last Revision 5/21/2009. 1. ZEISS LSM 510 POWER ON/OFF PROCEDURES.

Confocal LSM510 User Guide Pdf - University of Bath The low magnification/NA objectives are of hh quality making the miroscope well suited for also lager specimens, e.g. A transmission detector enables confocal "Pseudo-DIC". A heating chamber and a CO2 controller fasilitates live time experiments. Manual and certainly does not cover all ques, such as line scans and DIC imaging. the Zeiss manual in the confocal room or from experienced confocal users. Double click on the LSM 510 icon to start confocal operating software.

Guided Tour For LSM 510 And Meta In addition a CCD-camera is mounted for regular widefield fluorescence and brhtfield imaging. Inverted Zeiss LSM 510 META confocal microscope. Axiovert 200M. Starting the Zeiss LSM 510 microscope, software and laser. for detailed instructions!

LSM 510 / LSM 510 META Upgrade ZEN 2009 - MCD Biology A heating chamber covering the whole microscope and a CO2-controller makes long term timelapses feasible, cells have survived for more than a weekend under these conditions. Carl Zeiss. 10/2009. M60-1-0019 e. III. How to make best use of the LSM 510 and LSM 510 META operating instructions This operating manual also includes.

<i>Zeiss</i> <i>LSM</i> <i>510</i> Confocal Microscope Operating <i>Manual</i> - Research
Confocal <i>LSM510</i> <i>User</i> Guide Pdf - University of Bath
Guided Tour For <i>LSM</i> <i>510</i> And Meta
<strong>LSM</strong> <strong>510</strong> / <strong>LSM</strong> <strong>510</strong> META Upgrade ZEN 2009 - MCD Biology
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