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Military Separations, COMDTINST M1000.4 - U. S. Coast The Personnel Manual is canceled and is replaced by new Manuals or Instructions, loosely alned with the existing chapters in the Personnel Manual. D Coast Guard Medical Manual, COMDTINST M6000.1 series. q Enlisted Personnel Administrative Boards Manual, PSCINST M1910.1.

Family Support in the Coast Guard This change improves download speeds, reduces bandwidth usage, and more importantly, allows the Office of Military Policy to promulgate updates in a more timely fashion. Financial Support of Family Members in the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard expects all of its. M of the Personnel Manual, Commandant. Instruction M1000.6A.

Reserve policy manual, comdtinst m1001.28b - U. S. Ref: (a) Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) Manual, PPCINST M5231.3 (series) Reference (a) is obsolete due to the implementation of Direct Access Global Payroll for Active Duty and Reserve Competent Members on 05 January 2015. Personnel of the Coast Guard Reserve based upon, and. The forms referenced in this Manual are available in U. S. C. G. Electronic. Forms on.

NAF Personnel Manual - U. S. Coast Guard Here is the link to the old manual for references purposes only. Coast Guard Nonappropriated Fund NAF Personnel Manual. in USCG Electronic Forms on the Standard Workstation or on the Internet.

Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Office These files can be downloaded and stored loy or viewed online; You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ref:: (a) E-Mail ALSPO C/16; Personnel & Pay Procedures Manual Per E-Mail ALSPO C/16, we have updated three Chapters in the 3PM . Ref a Coast Guard Servicing Personnel Office SPO Manual, PPCINST. to accurately report personnel events and transactions into the Direct Access Global.

CIM_1000_6A Personnel Manual - U. S. Coast The new manuals and new instructions titled as follows: By subscribing to our RSS news feeds for SPOs or Travel/T-PAX updates, you can have new headlines and article previews delivered in an RSS reader or aggregator. COAST GUARD PERSONNEL MANUAL CHAPTER 12. Chapter 12 Contents. CH27. CONTENTS. 12. A. SEPARATING ACTIVE DUTY COMMISSIONED AND.

Library--USCG Pay & Personnel Center - U. S. You can quickly browse the list of new content without visiting our site to search for new information. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center Topeka Library Page provides links to manuals and directives about Direct Access and travel claims.

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