Rca vacuum tube manual

List of vacuum tubes - pedia Examples RETMA is the acronym for the Radio Electronic Television Manufacturers Association, orinally the RMA, later RTMA, then EIA (Electronic Industries Association, since 1997 Electronic Industries Alliance). This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes. See, for example, the RCA Receiving Tube Manuals. In half-indirectly.

DHTRob - Books about electron tubes and their applications Vacuum tubes fall into three mainly non-interchangeable categories regarding their heater or filament voltage (some tubes' heaters run at a voltage and current suitable for either series or parallel operation, e.g., 6.3 V at 300 m A). Basic theory and application of electron tubes Dep. of Air Force / Navy 1952. RC13 1962 - 26Mb; RCA Receiving tubes manual RC14 1940 - 21Mb.

RCA R-10 Receiving Tubes Manual The currents drawn by parallel-connected types, and the voltages across series-connected types, vary widely according to the tube's heating power requirements. In half-indirectly heated tubes the cathode and one side of the filament share the same pin. If you prefer the Acrobat reader, the entire R-10 is here in PDF format, courtesy of Gary Kaufman NB about 8M. The entire manual in TAR format is here as.

RCA receiving tube manual, 1964 edition Engineering Radio Otherwise identical tubes were manufactured in several variants with different heater characteristics (but usually the same power, e.g. The last 2 dits were sequentially assned, beginning with 21 to avoid possible confusion with receiving tubes or CRT phosphor desnations. RCA receiving tube manual audio amp schematic diagram, C 1964. A great online source for tube information is Electron Tube Data Sheets.

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